Meet a Few of BC's Forestry Families!
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For the past two years, we’ve had the best time traveling to various BC coastal communities to shoot and produce videos for our client, Forestry Friendly Communities (FFC).

With Forestry Friendly Communities, our mandate is to tell interesting and positive stories (primarily through video) about the forest industry and the benefits it brings to communities. While the videos cover a wide range of themes/topics, including wood remanufacturing, jobs, and education; the most rewarding stories to tell are about forestry families!

We are so grateful to have met three wonderful forestry families based out of Campbell River. Did you know? People who work in forestry are just the best!  

Watch our 2019 forestry family videos below. And check out FFC's website or Facebook page to see more awesome videos about BC’ sustainable forest industry!

It all started in 1977 with one truck. Meet the Thompson family of Ironside Contracting in Campbell River, BC.

Meet Bill & Otto Schulte, a father and son from Campbell River, BC.

Meet Lisa Perrault and Bob Craven, a wonderful couple from Campbell River, BC.

Campbell River Gets Forestry Proud!

It’s Forestry Proud time again! This year, our Forestry Friendly Communities crew hit the road to throw the Forestry Proud annual event in beautiful Campbell River (seriously, how is it possible that it’s ALWAYS sunny and gorgeous when we’re in CR??).

What is Forestry Proud Day, you ask?

It’s an annual celebration of forestry on Vancouver Island and the South Coast of British Columbia. It was started in 2018 as a way to gather a group together to celebrate pride in forestry. Each year, the event visits a different forestry community and pays homage to the dedicated folks in the sector who work hard to support their families and their communities.  

The event centrepiece is a flag raising with the local Mayor, but we also host a BBQ, and offer fun activities like a photo booth, a prize wheel and quiz, door prize draw, and special displays - this year from Vancouver Island University’s Forestry Program and Sylvan Vale Nursery.


Toques for Tuition is also an important part of the event. It’s a fundraiser we started to help raise money for scholarships for students pursuing forestry education or trades training. Toques are also available for purchase online here, or, if you know a forestry student, they can apply for scholarship here.

Huge thanks the Mayor of Campbell River, Andy Adams, and to his team in the Mayor’s Office.

Hands up to Wei Wai Kum Elder, Sheryl Thompson, for the welcome blessing.

Thanks to our suppliers, 44th Element Films, All in One Party Shop, Island Life Photographics, Four Frames Photoboth, Associated Tire (for the amazing burgers, rather than tires), and Jim at Spirit Square.


Also big shout out to our FFC Ambassador, Mr. Steve Lackey…we could not have done this event without you!

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New Website for Sheinin & Company
Home page of Sheinin & Company’s new website.

Home page of Sheinin & Company’s new website.

We recently launched a new website for our client, Sheinin & Company, a tax-specialty firm in downtown Vancouver.

We started working with Sheinin & Company back in 2017 and assisted the company through its relaunch and rebrand. Since then, a fresh new website has always been next on the to-do list! 

We’re so pleased with how this website turned out. Not only does it incorporate Sheinin & Company’s brand, but it also encompasses the West Coast / Vancouver feel that they were going for and many key features that can be found in their bright and vibrant office today!

Check out the full website here:


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Show Your Tenants Some Love

Elettra regularly organizes tenant appreciation events for our commercial property management clients. These events are a great way for property managers to show gratitude to their tenants. These events foster a sense of community and allow tenants to get to know each other.

If you’re considering hosting an event for your tenants, here’s our primer on how to get started.

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Choose a theme

A theme is a great way to tie an event together. We love brainstorming and coming up with fun and creative ideas. Event theme will often correspond with a time of year or holiday. 

Most recently, we organized an event called Winterfest (Canadian style). Tenants were invited to enjoy classic Canadian treats, including Cabane a Sucre (maple sugar rolled on ice), Beaver Tails, and hot chocolate. Oh, and I must not forget the Canadian-themed photo booth and props!  

Photobooth fun at the WinterFest tenant event!

Photobooth fun at the WinterFest tenant event!

And repeat

It will depend on your budget, but seasonally is optimal. An event is a fun way to launch into or say goodbye to a season.

It sounds expensive

We’ve worked with a wide range of budgets. It’s really up to the client on how big or small they want to go. Tenant appreciation events might seem like a big out-of-pocket expense in the short-term but maintaining good tenant relationships are important in the long-term.

Occasionally bring the event to your tenants

Sometimes it’s nice to surprise tenants in their office. One way to do this is to get a mobile coffee cart and visit each office with freshly baked pastries and hot coffee? Or keep it even simpler and deliver a basket of goodies to each office. Tenants will appreciate even the smallest acts of kindness.

Don’t forget to let everyone know

It’s really important to start promoting your event a couple weeks in advance. With the event theme in mind, create an eye-catching collateral design. Next, develop posters, invitations, and digital graphics for email, TV and elevator screens, touchscreen directories, etc.  Try and communicate your event at every touchpoint possible.

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