It's not just a mint, it's a Small Fun Tic Tac Revolution

Noise Digital leads integrated campaign for Ferrero Brands Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC; May 12, 2010 – Ferrero Canada has launched the Tic Tac Small Fun Revolution, a fully integrated digital brand campaign for its Tic Tac brand. The national campaign was created by Noise Digital and is part of a brand re-launch that is seeking to engage youth aged 18 to 29.

“A Small Fun Revolution is a way of seeing the world. Fun is everywhere; you just need to look for it. It may not change your life, but it’ll definitely make it a bit more fun," says Trevor Carr, President & CEO, Noise Digital. “The campaign provides the platform to share some fun with each other.”

The campaign is designed to engage the target audience with ‘small fun’ moments whether that is by sharing videos created by Tic Tac Ambassadors; creating and uploading their own content using Tic Tacs or their iconic boxes; or by downloading one of two iPhone games.

The campaign asks visitors to join the Small Fun Revolution by submitting their own Tic Tac creation for a chance to win 24 hours of small fun with $5,000. The first 1,000 submissions also receive a Tic Tac T-shirt.

“The goal of the campaign was to re-engage consumers with the Tic Tac brand by tapping into an existing online fan base and sharing that sense of fun,” continues Carr. “By turning Tic Tacs into a whimsical piece of entertainment content, we are activating social media network platforms and encouraging users to share content with their networks.”

The Tic Tac Small Fun Revolution is supported across numerous digital platforms:, a branded YouTube channel, a Facebook fan page, Twitter, display advertising, two iPhone applications, SEO and a comprehensive social media outreach program.

Another facet of the campaign is a unique partnership with Much Music. There is a co-branded microsite on, VJ mentions, a Much On Demand takeover day (May 10th) and three ten-second branded promo commercials.

“The engagement strategy that Noise developed is innovative in that we are not depending on a large paid media component,” says Gabriel Verkade, Sr. Brand Manager for Tic Tac. “Rather than spend large amounts of media dollars on driving traffic to a brand site, we understand that consumers want to engage with quality content on their own terms, meaning when they want and, more importantly, where they want. So we focused on creating engaging content and making it available on a variety of social media network platforms."

To seed the site with content that could easily be shared across multiple social media platforms, Noise conducted a Canada-wide search to find artists to become Tic Tac Ambassadors. The result was three videos: one that features a musician performing using only Tic Tacs and their cases; a stop-motion film of two Tic Tac cases playing tennis; and a mousetrap-style, domino-effect featuring the mints.

The campaign launched on April 26th and has already gained significant traction. The two iPhone games, Small Fun Hockey and ‘Mazing have been downloaded 9,000 times in more than 90 countries. Despite the fact that paid media didn’t start running until May 10th, there have already been 10,000 social media mentions.