Facebook fundraiser through credit union

By Cameron OrrSmithers Interior News

Sixteen regions in B.C. are going head-to-head to find out which online community will reign in a credit union fundraiser.

The province’s 45 credit unions are using the power of social media juggernaut Facebook to donate $100,000 to local charities.

Each region has two charities eligible to receive funds. The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in Smithers is one of the two for the North, while the University of Northern British Columbia is the other.

The trick is, people have to tag themselves in a photo album on the campaign’s Facebook page. Each community has their own photo. Just find the photo of the Alpine man, with the word Smithers written across it, and tag yourself.

Per photo only 50 people can be tagged but there are multiple Smithers images, just find one with a free spot.

For each person tagged in a photo a dollar will be donated.

The campaign launched on Sept. 7 and so far over 60,000 tags have been generated, while the page itself has been liked 20,000.

Northern B.C. was in third place as of last week with 6,663 tags.

The page can be found at www.facebook.com/beremarkable or visit www.beremarkable.com.