Great Western Brewing puts its history on tap

From Marketing Magazine

By Eve Lazarus

Great Western Brewing Company of Saskatoon is expanding its product line with the launch of a new premium beer called Original 16 in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The brewery, which has an annual marketing budget of just over $1 million, will roll out a radio, billboard and online campaign this week. Saint Bernadine Mission Communications of Vancouver designed the packaging, the collateral, trade materials and the advertising creative. It worked with Engine Digital on web marketing and Elettra Communications on public relations for the launch.

David Walker, partner at Saint Bernadine, said the beer is called Original 16 to honour the original 16 founders of the company who remortgaged their houses and put up their life savings in 1989 to buy the facility and keep their jobs.

Walker said extensive focus group research found that the story behind the company resonated with the target market of males 19 to 45. The theme is carried through the radio advertising and on the website which will debut a 16-part documentary about the company.

The creative for the billboard is a product shot and the tag line: “Some beers have a story. This one has a legend.”

Great Western Brewing produces four brand families of beer: Original 16, Great Western Brands, Brewhouse Brands and Value Brands.