Canadian Direct Insurance keeps advertising simple

Jennifer HornMedia in Canada January 11, 2012

Apparently, the adage of “less is more” really speaks to the execs at Canadian Direct Insurance.

Therein lies the reason behind the brand jumping on the idea of having the advertising pitch process portrayed in a series of new commercials for its simple, to-the-point tagline of “Say Yes To Savings.”

In three new spots, the ad guys at Noise (a Vancouver-based agency that handled both the media and creative) make fun of themselves and the industry they work in by portraying what turns out to be a disaster pitch. While the two creatives work their hearts out to present a flashy campaign, the insurance exec doesn’t budge, requesting that they “just keep it simple” and to show how the insurance company can help people save money. The ask falls on deaf ears with the ad men churning out ideas of a cyborg and a rollerblading kitten with chiseled abs as its next spokesperson.

The spots are in fact a play on a real-life situation that happened a year ago, when the president of the company jokingly asked a Noise creative and account director what kind of “out-there” idea they were going to pitch next, Trevor Carr, president and CEO, Noise tells MiC.

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