Burritt Bros. Launches Over Oceans, a Rug Collection by Zoë Pawlak

Zoe Pawlak, Over Oceans, PR, public relations, home decor, ElettraVancouver, BC; November 21, 2013 – Burritt Bros. Carpets & Floors is announcing the official launch of the Zoë Pawlak Over Oceans Rug Collection.  The collection, which is a series of five graphic area rugs inspired by a single Pawlak painting, is a stunning example of what is possible when art, technology, and business meet. “It has been incredible to see Over Oceans, a piece that is so personal for me, transformed into something entirely new,” says Zoë Pawlak. “Through this rug collection, I’ve been able to explore the variations that are made possible by working in a new medium. It’s opened up an opportunity to connect with art buyers in whole new way.” Zoe Pawlak, Over Oceans, rug collection, PR, public relations, Elettra, vancouver The source painting, Over Oceans, explores the passing of time and crossing the ocean, a once-unimaginable distance to traverse. Each of the rugs in the series depicts the movements, variations, and endless possibilities that a single, massive expanse of water can have.

“Zoë is an innovator and a trendsetter. Her approach is never bound by what is expected,” says Keith Donegani, Burritt Bros. Carpets & Floors. “This collaboration combines that spirit with the latest rug making technology and Burritt Bros.’ knowledge of what consumers are looking for in their homes. This is a true collaboration between creative entrepreneurs.”

Over the past decade, Pawlak has built a strong following across North America, working with private clients, interior designers, and select brands. Having worked closely with designers to create custom pieces, Pawlak is keenly aware of the opportunity to connect with her buyers beyond their walls.

“I’ve never felt bound to a single medium or a single theme, because there are so many ways to engage and connect with the people who buy and appreciate my work,” says Pawlak. “The business of art is rapidly changing, and that presents new opportunities. By embracing collaboration - whether it’s through canvas, textiles, or rugs - a whole new body of work is born. For me, the connection to people is the most important part of the collaborative process, and Burritt Bros. shares that same value.”

The Over Oceans rugs are individually hand-knotted in Nepal. Stock size for all five rugs is 8’ x 10’, however, as a result of Burritt Bros. custom rug capabilities, sizes can be adjusted to meet each client’s needs. The collection can be viewed at Burritt Bros., 3594 Main Street in Vancouver, and online at http://burrittcarpets.com/zoe-pawlak.html.