Hugging For Hunger


This week we've been helping our friends at Spring Advertising out with Hugs for Hunger, their cuddly fundraiser in support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Today - the first day of spring - cute, furry, and gregarious animals are waking up from hibernation and giving hugs to Vancouverites. For every hug, Spring will donate $1 to the Food Bank. More valuable hugs, such as those on the Celebrity Hug Hit List, are described on and on Twitter @springad. People can also donate through on-site Food Bank volunteers or the Hugs for Hunger website.


The hashtag #HugsForHunger is being used throughout the day to spread information and to attract the animals to specific downtown locations.

Big thanks to BT VancouverMiss 604Inside VancouverThe PEAK, 24 hours, Shore 104, and Global for getting the word out to their listeners/readers/viewers.


So if you see a fuzzy mascot downtown today be sure to get your hug!

Simone AbtComment