Two Minutes With: Leanne Kedrosky, Account Coordinator

Welcome to our ongoing series, “Two Minutes With”. We’re getting to know a little more about the Elettra team, our clients, and our partners/suppliers. Today we chat with Elettra Account Coordinator, Leanne Kedrosky.


Favourite place to visit: My favourite place I have been is Positano, off the Amalfi Coast of Italy. It is incredibly beautiful and calm.

Favourite food: Banana milkshakes – what a treat.

Morning beverage of choice: Black coffee to kick my mornings up a notch.

Favourite social media site: Pinterest – there is so much inspiration! Whether it’s what to cook for dinner, new makeup tricks, or how to make a bookshelf from pipe (tried it, love it!).

If you didn’t work in PR, what would you choose to do: Ideally, I would be a pirate. Realistically, I would be a professional equestrian.

Natural talent you wish you had: I’ve always wished I could sing – you don’t want to hear my family sing Happy Birthday. We are the most out of tune bunch.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

Thor! Ability to fly, manipulate weather, have super strength and agility, and be incredibly intelligent? Yes please! Plus, being friends with the rest of the Avengers would be a great time.