Why I Switched to a Standing Desk

Elettra’s Leanne Kedrosky wrote the following post on why switching to a standing desk was right for her.

A month ago I switched to a standing desk for two reasons. One is that I have scoliosis, which is a back condition that makes it difficult to sit all day without pain. Second, sitting for a long period of time makes me feel lethargic and I wanted to evaluate if standing more would boost my energy. After purchasing the Oristand, a cardboard standing desk creating by Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes, here is what I found:

1.    I really do have more energy! The 3 o’clock slump doesn’t crush my productivity like it used to. Instead, I can crush my work without feeling the need or a midday coffee and at the end of the day I feel ready to head to the gym or tackle the evening’s activities.  

2.    I feel better physically. I’ll admit, it takes some effort to keep good posture when standing all day, but it has made a big difference for my back. The soreness that used to show up in my back daily has pretty much disappeared.

After having such a positive experience to switching to a standing desk, I decided to do a little research to back up my claims. As it turns out, it has been argued on the TED stage that sitting is considered the new smoking because it can be so bad for your body in the long term. I’m extremely happy with the results from my little energy experiment this month and will continue to stand up for standing desks moving forward.