Huzzah! FIELD in Ackery's Alley a Kickstarter Success

We are beyond thrilled that More Awesome Now's Kickstarter to raise funds for FIELD in Ackery's Alley has met it's fundraising goal of $35,000. Public art in a Granville St alley will become a reality!

People from all over the world have supported our campaign. Folks from across Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, Chile, Germany, Mexico and South Africa support the campaign which will enable the More Awesome Now team to create an interactive sound + light installation in the alley behind the Orpheum Theatre. 

Our stretch goal is to grow our community to 500 people.  What this means, is every dollar backed above our goal will help with extra things like programming the alley (allowing people to truly make the space their own), but what is really meaningful to us is the size of the community, and how many people are connected to this vision.

Our Kickstarter campaign has already built a sizeable community around this project, (of more than two hundred and fifty three people!) and we know there are more people out there who believe in what we are doing. 

 By making a pledge (of any value, even $1!), you become part of this global community. Pledging means you will be kept updated on the progress of Ackery’s Alley and FIELD. Belonging to this community means you are addressing the issue of urban isolation, a common plight in all major cities across the globe.

Better yet, pledge $100 and your reward will be a set of limited edition Ackery's Alley and Alley Oop posters. (See image.)