YVR Stars 2019 Back and Better Than Ever


It’s one of our favourite events each year: YVR Stars! The event honours the worker and volunteers who go the extra kilometre to deliver exceptional customer care at YVR. The night is both a thank-you to the more than 500 people who are nominated throughout the year as YVR Stars, and an awards show that acknowledges the top customer care stories of the year.

This year’s award winners included Securiguard and Canadian Border Service Guards employees who teamed up to help a stranded family in distress; a Dexterra customer service employee who aided an injured passenger; another Dexterra employee who helped locate and aid a travelling couple with dementia; and G4S worker who, on his own personal time, showed compassion by going out of his way to help a visitor navigate the Skytrain system.

It’s always inspiring for us to hear these stories and it feels great to be part of honouring these dedicated employees.

Elettra is responsible for event management of the YVR Stars gala, but we couldn’t do it without our amazing event suppliers and partners, SW Audiovisual, Butler Did It Catering, Simon Cooksley Event Design, DJ Jay, Kim Bellavance Photographe, and Earnest Ice Cream.

A huge thank you also to our wonderful clients - the YVR Customer Relations team - it’s both an honour and a privilege to work with you folks on this event each year.

Simone AbtComment