Show Your Tenants Some Love


Elettra regularly organizes tenant appreciation events for our commercial property management clients. These events are a great way for property managers to show gratitude to their tenants. These events foster a sense of community and allow tenants to get to know each other.

If you’re considering hosting an event for your tenants, here’s our primer on how to get started.

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Choose a theme

A theme is a great way to tie an event together. We love brainstorming and coming up with fun and creative ideas. Event theme will often correspond with a time of year or holiday. 

Most recently, we organized an event called Winterfest (Canadian style). Tenants were invited to enjoy classic Canadian treats, including Cabane a Sucre (maple sugar rolled on ice), Beaver Tails, and hot chocolate. Oh, and I must not forget the Canadian-themed photo booth and props!  

Photobooth fun at the WinterFest tenant event!

Photobooth fun at the WinterFest tenant event!

And repeat

It will depend on your budget, but seasonally is optimal. An event is a fun way to launch into or say goodbye to a season.

It sounds expensive

We’ve worked with a wide range of budgets. It’s really up to the client on how big or small they want to go. Tenant appreciation events might seem like a big out-of-pocket expense in the short-term but maintaining good tenant relationships are important in the long-term.

Occasionally bring the event to your tenants

Sometimes it’s nice to surprise tenants in their office. One way to do this is to get a mobile coffee cart and visit each office with freshly baked pastries and hot coffee? Or keep it even simpler and deliver a basket of goodies to each office. Tenants will appreciate even the smallest acts of kindness.

Don’t forget to let everyone know

It’s really important to start promoting your event a couple weeks in advance. With the event theme in mind, create an eye-catching collateral design. Next, develop posters, invitations, and digital graphics for email, TV and elevator screens, touchscreen directories, etc.  Try and communicate your event at every touchpoint possible.

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