RECOMMENDED: Peppermint Mist from Long Table Distillery

Long table distillery, pr, peppermint mist, public relations, vancouver, spirits, alcoholFile this one under: Really Great Gift Idea for the foodie / spirit connoisseur on your Christmas List. Vancouver's first micro-distillery, Long Table, has launched Peppermint Mist just in time for Christmas. Made with local, organic peppermint, this little tipple has Christmas in every drop. Imagine Peppermint Mist in hot chocolate, drizzled over vanilla ice cream, or served chilled as an accompaniment to a chocolatey Christmas dessert.

I, for one, can't wait to take this beauty along on my next wintery hiking trip. It will be heartily enjoyed along with some hot coffee on top of a snowy North Shore Mountain.

And in other news, Charles & Rita Tremewen, owners/distillers of Long Table, have just told us that next week they are launching Vancouver's first Aquavit. Aquavit is a traditional Scandinavian spirit made with herbs and spices. It's traditionally served around Christmastime, so it makes another great gift choice for a spirit-lover on your list.

- Simone