Lights, camera….answers!

media training, interview skills, reporter, interview training, pr, public relations, media, vancouver, bc, firm, agency, consultant, company
media training, interview skills, reporter, interview training, pr, public relations, media, vancouver, bc, firm, agency, consultant, company

The phone rings. It’s a reporter. And they want to interview you. It’s a rare breed who doesn’t find themselves feeling a bit nervous, if not completely stressed out, at this prospect.

The truth is, a little bit of nervous energy about media interviews can be a good thing. At Elettra we always say, “if the thought of doing an interview doesn’t give you pause, you’re doing it wrong.” But if you get too wrapped up in the anxiety of the situation, it will make it difficult to deliver your message in a clear and compelling way.

This is where media training comes in.

Interactions with the media are unlike social or business conversations, so it’s vital for company spokespeople to enter interview situations feeling confident and prepared. Media training teaches company spokespeople how to communicate clearly, concisely, and calmly during interviews.

Elettra Communications offers a variety of media training programs to suit your needs:

Media Training 101 Workshop

Our Media Training 101 Workshop is designed to maximize learning in a friendly and fun environment. The focus here is on building comfort and confidence. These sessions typically run four hours in length, and are offered one-on-one or in a small group setting of up to four participants. The training includes:

  • An information presentation that covers media interaction theory and provides real-world examples of interview techniques in action.
  • A brainstorm around potential interview situations that spokespeople may face and key messages they want to deliver.
  • On-camera interview practice. Interviews are taped and the videos are played back for the group to review. Feedback is delivered in a positive manner, and participants learn from the feedback their colleagues receive

Media Training 201 Workshop

Media Training 201 is an advanced class that builds on the theory and practical training covered in 101. In this session we focus dealing with difficult or complex topics, challenging questions, and stressful interview situations. Sessions are approximately two hours in length. Time is spent reviewing messaging and engaging in on-camera practice. Typically, sessions have one or two trainees.

Tailored Sessions

If you have a particular situation you need practice dealing with, a group than four, or any other particular need, we can create a session just for you. Tailored sessions are available in person and over the phone.

Do you want to increase your comfort and capability in media interviews? Then talk to us about setting up a media training program to suit your needs.

Gwen Hardy and Simone Abt have a combined 28 years of experience providing media training to spokespeople and senior leaders in organizations large and small, including Vancouver Airport Authority, Starbucks, Rogers, Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, City of Vancouver, JOEY Restaurants, and Trail Appliances. They specialize in creating a supportive and encouraging environment that helps spokespeople to grow their interview confidence and capabilities.