Planning an event and need a venue? UBC might just have what you’re looking for!


A university degree is part of our identity in the working world, and often stands as common ground to make a new connection. Even years after the degree hangs on the wall, our network of peers continues to grow.

UBC has a strong penchant for alumni relations and believes in supporting the lifelong community you join when becoming a UBC student. Their new complex, the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre was born to facilitate relationships of likeminded students and alumni.


The centre, located at the corner of University Boulevard and East mall in the Vancouver Campus, is home to classrooms, social spaces, a lounge library and café. Its other main function, a selling point for those who aren’t Thunderbirds, is as a conference and events venue.

The 41,700 square foot facility can house anything from corporate meetings to fundraisers and weddings. The smallest space, ideal for meetings or web-conferences, is an intimate size of 350 square feet. For those looking to host a larger-scale event, parties of up to 400 can fit inside the reception-style space.

Although built in the spirit of alumni relations, the complex was designed to accommodate all types of events. Its diverse selection of spaces boasts advanced technology for audio, video, telecommunication services, digital signage and web-conferencing.

To ease the process of event preparation, the centre provides front-of-house staff to support planning. In-house kitchen and catering staff are also available.

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