The Time of Your Life: Choosing a vibrant, joyful future - Reading Margaret Trudeau’s book


One of the most common pieces of advice I received at the start of my career in public relations was to read - A LOT. Pick up everything and anything and pay attention to tone and voice. Then, continually practice your own writing. With this advice in mind, I picked up Margaret Trudeau’s new book - The Time of Your Life: Choosing a vibrant, joyful future. She will be in Vancouver May 21st to speak at The Kettle Society’sMaking a Difference Luncheon and I thought I would try to better understand her in advance of the event.

Given the intended audience of the book is women over 50, and I am in my early twenties, I was surprised how often I could relate to Trudeau’s words. The following are three of my favourite ideas from the book: 

1) “The cognitive unconscious cannot tell the difference between a physical threat and a threat to the ego.” Ever notice that whether we are hurt physically or mentally we exhibit the same symptoms? We become short of breath, our heart rate elevates, and we become nauseated. Next time your ego is taking a hit, try and keep your rational brain in control by remembering how your brain is deciphering this ‘threat.’

2) “Leave aging gracefully to out grandmothers, it’s time to age proactively.” What we do in our young lives affects how we feel as we age. Exercise and nutrition can be used as a preventative practice for disease and injury. Eating right and exercising regularly when you are young is an investment in your body and will help you dramatically as you age.

3) “The term mental health has become synonymous not with health, but with illness.” There is a great deal of sigma that surrounds the issue of brain health. People fear being labeled as mentally ill and this fear often hinders them from seeking help. The fear and stigma can create a bigger barrier to a satisfying life than the illness itself, in many cases. Trudeau will cover this and more mind opening matters during her keynote speech at Kettle’s Making a Difference Luncheon.

After reading Trudeau’s book, I am excited to listen to her speech on May 21st. Want a little inspiration in your life? Join us at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver for insight into Trudeau’s struggle with overcoming a mental illness. Then after the event, have a copy of her latest book signed to take home and enjoy.

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