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Our new home & the meaning of Elettra

510 West HastingsElettra Communications moved house a few weeks ago, and we're getting quite comfortable in our new surroundings. We've relocated just one block west and one block north to the Standard Building at 510 West Hastings. If you've ever looked for an office space in downtown Vancouver, you'll know how challenging it can be to find a spot with character. For Elettra, having an inspiring place to come to every morning and lovely surroundings to welcome our clients to is an important part of doing business.

We really lucked out with our new home in the beautiful Standard Building, which dates back to 1916 (photo of the lobby at right). Changing Vancouver has a great post on the history of our building and our corner at Hastings & Richards.

Though we do a lot of thinking about the future, Elettra Communications has always had a connection with the past. Our name, Elettra, comes directly from communications history.  The pioneer of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi, had a floating laboratory, a ship he called The Elettra. From The Elettra, Marconi conducted the experiments that would forever change how the world communicates.

From the window of our new office we look out at the Dominion Building, Sun Tower, and the Woodwards buildings - all of which are architectural icons that represent Vancouver's past and present.  We feel really lucky to be here - connected to the past and working on the future.

We're looking forward to welcoming our clients, suppliers, and friends to our new office. Do drop by for a visit!

Suite 520 - 510 West Hastings, Vancouver BC, V6B 1L8