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Burritt Bros.' Magic Carpet Ride

Congrats to our friends at Burritt Bros. Carpets who just enjoyed a huge week in the Vancouver Sun.

First, there was this Business section article and video about how Harvey Burritt, Keith Donegani, and Chris Dragan have turned their 110-year-old carpet business around through sheer determination, guts, and, frankly, just being really good people.

And then today, Rebecca Keillor featured the Burritt's in this beautiful story about rug trends

In our humble opinion, it couldn't happen to a better group of people. Congrats to the whole Burritt Bros. team on your amazing new space in the River Design Quarter! And here's to the next 110 years of success!

Harbour Centre Shines Brightly

Harbour Centre is one of the most iconic towers in the Vancouver skyline, and never is it more radiant that at Christmastime when the top is decked with festive red lights. It's a downtown holiday tradition that's spanned more than 30 years.

Yesterday, the Elettra team took Vancouver Sun up to the very top of the tower to see the hanging of the lights. It's a massive job for the Harbour Centre crew. They fearlessly hang 1,100 lights 200 metres above the city streets. Be sure to enjoy their hard work by looking up when you're walking around downtown this holiday season.

Literacy is Life

Vancouver’s first ever Literacy Month is in full swing. Decoda Literacy Solutions kicked off events with a flag-raising at Vancouver City Hall on UNESCO-designated International Literacy Day.
Local dignitaries including City Councillor Kerry Jang joined Decoda representatives at the Commemorative Flag Plaza to launch Literacy Month and Literacy is Life, the literacy organization’s month-long awareness and fundraising campaign. 
What’s more, BC Place, Canada Place, Science World and the main entrance of the provincial Legislature in Victoria lit up in Decoda purple that evening in support of Iiteracy in BC. 
The Literacy is Life campaign will run through the end of September and features a fun team trivia challenge to raise funds to support the provision of literacy resources in 400 communities throughout BC. Companies, organizations, and members of the public are encouraged to get a team together in support of the campaign. 
The Vancouver Literacy Team Trivia Challenge takes place on September 29 at Red Card Sports Bar & Eatery on Smithe Street from 6-9pm.
The campaign also offers a letter writing contest whereby children, youth and adults are asked to explain what literacy means to them, how it has impacted their lives and what they have done to increase literacy in their community. 
To get involved and learn more about the resources available go to or keep an eye out for #literacy is life!

The same…but different: A newcomer’s perspective to PR in Vancouver

As a British/Irish transplant in Canada (I’m from Northern Ireland) I had previously thought that the basics of PR would be pretty much the same no matter where one was in the western world.

I was wrong.  I learnt, I mean learned, that very quickly upon landing my first PR position in Vancouver.

While the principles and objectives are very much the same there are some subtle, and some not-so-subtle, differences between practicing PR in Belfast and Vancouver. I’ve summarised, or rather, summarized, some of these differences below:

The first hurdle?  Canadian spelling.  A confusing mix of American and English, I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I started having to use it on a daily basis. And why doesn’t Microsoft acknowledge it in its spell-check options? After 16 months I think I’ve finally mastered the usage and it’s almost second nature now, however, I do fear my former colleagues and journalist friends back home may be silently judging me each time I use it in a Facebook post.

PR Terminology.  I’ve been met with my fair share of confused looks since taking up this position due to the terminology I use.

Here what I previously referred to as a Diary Note is a Media Advisory.  The content I normally used in the Notes to Editor section below my press release is now used in a fact sheet.

Photography.  Back in Belfast our main goal was print media. As a small region with very limited regional radio and television programming, most of which was taken up with political reporting, generating broadcast coverage was rarely achievable no matter how compelling the client’s story may be.  However, the golden rule for getting plentiful print coverage in Belfast was to have a quirky, colourful image accompanying your media release….featuring at least one attractive female. Hence, no matter the story - whether it be business, trade or lifestyle - a model was generally booked for a photo shoot and I was off on the hunt for props and costumes.

Here in Vancouver I have had more contact with broadcast media in the last 16 months than I did in 6 years in Belfast.  There is definitely more human interest content on news shows here.  It can be the daily newspapers that are the hardest nuts to crack.

Quirks aside…the biggest challenge was learning an entire media market from scratch.  Radio and TV call signs also stumped me for a bit but in time I’ve become familiar with the various channels, their programming and the types of content they carry.

The last 16 months have been a fantastic learning experience and this has greatly widened my outlook and made me more adaptable and flexible in my role. Having the opportunity to gain experience in your chosen industry in different cultures and countries is something I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.