Elettra's shiny new website


Welcome to the new Elettra Communications website. We’ve got to say, there’s nothing quite like a fresh start and a new look to put a spring in a PR agency’s step.

Putting together a new website is a great opportunity for a bit of organizational soul searching. It’s as much about honing in on what we do best, as it is getting crystal clear about the kind of work we really want to do. You know, the stuff that makes us excited to come to work every day.

And we think we’ve pretty much nailed it with our Services page. There it is all in one place – the media relations, communications strategy, events, and community relations work that makes us so grateful to be working as communicators.

Of course, launching a new website is the perfect time to make sure your SEO i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Thanks to Leanne Kedrosky on our team for supporting that process.

Thanks to Michael Young for the photography of our beloved office space. We think it really makes the website sing.

And thanks to everyone in the office for putting up with weeks of hearing me say “what about this?” and “how about that?” and giving their honest, but ever constructive, feedback.

- Simone Abt