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MOV Takes its Collection to Main Street

We're so honoured to be working with Harvey Burritt's 2nd Century Rug Company on the launch of their line of rugs in the Museum of Vancouver's Retail Collection. The release announcing the project is below and will also post some of the coverage. MOV Takes its Collection to Main Street

Vancouver, BC; November 7, 2012 – The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) and Harvey Burritt’s 2nd Century Rug Company today unveiled a line of graphic area rugs inspired by artifacts from the MOV. The rugs are part of MOV’s new merchandising initiative that sees it working directly with local retailers to both stock and produce merchandise inspired by the collection.

Five rugs are part of the initial launch: a 1950’s streetcar scroll, a 1950’s bus scroll, a 1930’s map of Vancouver, a collage of corporate seals, and a message board signed by Vancouverites following the Stanley Cup Final riots in 2011. Each rug has a specific catalogue number which can be used to view the original artifact at 2nd Century Rug Company will add to the line over time, exploring the museum’s collection to unearth impactful images and items.

“This new model is a great way to take the MOV brand and our array of historical artifacts out to the city,” says Kate Follington, Director of Development, Museum of Vancouver. “Given that we can only ever display a fraction of our collection, it is a way for us to breathe new life into artifacts and raise funds to continue our work.”

The rugs are produced by 2nd Century Rug Company and available at Burritt Bros. Carpets, a family-run business that has been supplying Vancouver homes with premium carpet and flooring for more than 100 years. Each rug is individually hand-knotted in Nepal.

“When the MOV approached us to be part of the program, we jumped at the opportunity,” says Harvey Burritt, 2nd Century Rug Company. “We are known for our ability to create high quality, custom area rugs inspired by items that are meaningful to our clients. We have applied this ability MOV’s treasure trove of artifacts. I can’t think of a better way for my family to support one of our city’s cultural institutions.”

A number of other retailers have also joined the initiative. The Cascade Room Restaurant & Bar, Country Furniture, London Drugs, Make Vancouver, Vancouver Special, and Walrus are all stocking products. Items include keychains, coasters, T-shirts, pillows, and beer glasses.

Funds raised through the retail initiative will benefit MOV’s special exhibitions and its school programs that annually teach 10,000 elementary school students about history.

“We hope that these products will help give Vancouverites a sense of ownership of their history and allow them to share their pride in the city,” continues Follington. “We also want to draw visitors to the museum where some of the city’s most fascinating historical objects are on display.”