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Harbour Centre Shines Brightly

Harbour Centre is one of the most iconic towers in the Vancouver skyline, and never is it more radiant that at Christmastime when the top is decked with festive red lights. It's a downtown holiday tradition that's spanned more than 30 years.

Yesterday, the Elettra team took Vancouver Sun up to the very top of the tower to see the hanging of the lights. It's a massive job for the Harbour Centre crew. They fearlessly hang 1,100 lights 200 metres above the city streets. Be sure to enjoy their hard work by looking up when you're walking around downtown this holiday season.

Life as an Intern

I can’t believe how quickly time flies. It seems like just yesterday I started my internship here at Elettra Communications, yet somehow I’m already heading into my last week. Working with a range of clients in a variety of industries, I’ve been lucky enough to have some pretty great experiences in my short time here.

On my first day, I was able to help out with Harbour Centre’s Urban Grind. I got to meet thousands of Vancouverites that, through the power of PR, showed up to hike to the top of the Vancouver Lookout to enjoy some music, beers, and great city views. I also got insight into the back end of events like this by tracking the event’s success on a weekly basis and preparing a post-event report for the client. 

In addition to the Urban Grind, I was part of a team that celebrated all of the hardworking employees at YVR, promoting their new employee appreciation program: YVR Stars.

I got to spend a morning handing out coffee, tea, and cookies to YVR employees coming in to work, while telling them about the YVR Stars program.


On top of that, I was solely responsible for organizing the Chefs’ Showcase for this year’s Vancouver magazine Restaurant Awards. What does that mean? It means I got to spend a good portion of my days talking to the top chefs in Vancouver and inviting them to prepare some of their signature dishes to be presented to (and thoroughly enjoyed by) the over 900 guests at this year’s awards. This also means I got to work on a project that was 100% my own, from start to finish. That was a pretty good feeling.


Plus, I got to catch a glimpse of the event itself - a room full of Vancouver’s finest from the restaurant industry coming together to celebrate each other’s successes.


Aside from working on some pretty amazing events, my internship at Elettra has allowed me to put my writing skills to good use. One of the main reasons I’m in PR is because I love to write. Throughout my internship, my bosses recognized this passion and encouraged it by giving me opportunities to write blog posts, client articles, and social media content.

I would also like to acknowledge some of the extra perks of working at a PR agency - the proverbial cherry-on-top of my internship. Working on the Vancouver magazine Restaurant Awards meant I was able to visit some of Vancouver’s top restaurants before the crowds got to them. I also got to hand deliver mail to some pretty great food trucks; needless to say, some delicious lunches were had. Additionally, I was able to attend this year’s Boink Day hosted by Spring Advertising where I learned I could bouce on a pogo stick over 30 times for a good cause!

So there you have it, some first-hand insight into life as an intern. It’s been an incredible experience and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Of course, saving the best for last, I would like to thank all the ladies at Elettra for being so supportive and encouraging during my time here. I hope our paths cross again soon.

And now, I’m off to find a job!

Harbour Centre Dances into Chinese New Year

Today, Harbour Centre celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year with a dragon dancer. The dancer started at noon in SFU, pranced its way through the food court, and then moved through the shops, eating lettuce and collecting money along the way. Outside, a sampling team handed out cuisine from food court vendors and fortune cookies.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Harbour Centre and the Vancouver Lookout Raise Seattle Seahawks 12th Man Flag

With Seahawks fever taking over Vancouver in advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl, Harbour Centre raised a 12th man flag on top of its iconic Lookout tower this morning.

The blue flag with the white number 12 will fly through Sunday when Seattle takes on the Patriots at the NFL championship game in Arizona.

Harbour Centre was inspired by the 12th man flag that was raised on Thursday on top of the Seattle Space Needle as that city rallies for its team in the Super Bowl.

The best places to view the flag are north east of Canada Place and Crab Park.