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A Slice of Life from our intern, Yazmin.

We are thrilled to thank our intern from the BCIT Marketing Communications Program, Yazmin Lara Yunes, for her work and contributions to Elettra Communications these past six weeks. Here are a few words from her:

I am really grateful for the authentic PR experience Elettra has enabled me to have during my nine-week practicum. 

Being able to see how two Public Relations veterans run their own agency and all the behind-the-scenes work that gets put into events really helped me have a deeper understanding and appreciation for Public Relations. 

With the help of the Elettra team, I was able to participate in countless projects happening around this very city and catch a glimpse of the discussion and decision-making process PR associates go through in order to come up with a recommendation for their clients. I was also able to further develop my communications skills and learn to come up with solutions quickly and under pressure. 

The variety of clients Elettra works with gave me the opportunity to learn about other industries as well. Working on projects such as the Chefs’ Showcase for the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, I learned about the dynamic food scene in Vancouver and all the ambrosial menu options for all tastes.

Now nearing the end of my time on the team, I look forward to working on Forestry Proud Day and continue learning about the various jobs that shape PR.

Thank you Elettra for the enriching experience!




Welcome to Elettra, Victoria

This week we’re delighted to welcome our new intern, Victoria Giddings. Victoria is a Marketing Communications student at BCIT and will be spending her 9-week practicum at Elettra.

In 2015, Victoria left Smithers, B.C., the small-town in which she grew up in to pursue a career in Public Relations. She has always loved the city of Vancouver, which is what brought her to the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). She is in her final semester at BCIT and is looking forward to starting a career in PR at Elettra Communications. Her time at BCIT has prepared her for the real-world, and she is so excited to bring innovative and fresh ideas into the workplace.

Before focusing on her career, Victoria worked many years in the restaurant industry and traveled extensively after high school graduation. Her passion for traveling has taken her to Europe, South East Asia, USA, and Australia. She enjoys experiencing new cultures, particularly through food, music and art. Understanding the world and what makes it tick is something that will continuously inspire Victoria to explore and communicate with people.

During her free time, Victoria can be found snowboarding in Whistler, exploring the city, or trying out the latest ethnic restaurants in Vancouver. 

Welcoming Our New Intern

We are pleased to welcome our new intern, Sara MacIntosh, to the Elettra Communications team. Sara is a second year Marketing Communications student at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Throughout her two years at BCIT, she has strengthened her communications skills and developed her ability to create digital content

During her free time, Sara enjoys photography and writing and exploring the city to find new restaurants. She is very passionate about food and visually showcasing food.  When she isn’t with camera in hand, you can find her curled up on the couch with a good book or planning a new adventure.

Through her years at BCIT, Sara has become more interested in the communications industry and how event and digital marketing can help improve communications plans. These interests have led her to the joining the world of public relations in Vancouver. She will be joining us at Elettra for the next eight weeks working on everything PR. She can’t wait to put her BCIT knowledge to work in the industry setting.

Welcome to the team, Sara!