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Welcome to Elettra, Nichole!

We are pleased to welcome Nichole Kapalungan to our team at Elettra.

With her passion for arts and culture and an unbridled love for literature and film, Manila-born and Vancouver-reared Nichole is joining our team as an Account Executive.

As a communications professional she believes that access and transparency cultivate meaningful relationships and create valuable engagement. Having developed skill sets in marketing and communications within the retail and arts and culture sector, she is excited to pursue a career in Public Relations and collaborate with Elettra’s diverse clientele.

While pursuing her BA in English Literature and Arts and Culture Studies at Simon Fraser University, she co-created and curated a series of art exhibits called “The Postcard Show” which were focused on creating accessible art on a mobile medium. The series found homes in Vancouver galleries such as Ayden Gallery and Hot Art Wet City.

When she isn’t writing your strategy, you’ll find her trying out the newest microbrew in the city and finding the best nook to read her book. 

Welcoming Our New PR Consultant, Kyle Krawchuk



Kyle Krawchuk (final).jpg

We are delighted to welcome Kyle Krawchuk to the team this week as our new PR Consultant.

Always up for a challenge, Kyle left his hometown of Maple Ridge at age 18 to enrol in HEC Montréal’s trilingual Bachelor of Business Administration program – where the courses were taught in equal parts English, French and Spanish. Four years later, Kyle set off on a career that would see him live and work in some of the world’s most vibrant cities – Paris, London, Rome, Shanghai, Beijing, Lima – and pick up two new languages (Italian and Mandarin) while he was at it.

Over the course of his career, Kyle has done in-house marketing and PR for both B2C and B2B brands in addition to earlier roles in the luxury retail, human resources, tourism sectors.

Outside of the office, you can find Kyle performing improv, hiking up one of the local mountains or catching rays at Sunset Beach. An voracious reader and political junkie, Kyle likes to start each day with a generous helping of news.

Now back in Vancouver, Kyle is excited to leverage the ideas and experience he obtained abroad to help Elettra’s clients achieve their PR objectives. We are thrilled to have him onboard.

That’s E-L-E-T-T-R-A. No ‘K’, No ‘C’.

One of the exciting parts of starting Elettra seven years ago (yes, seven years already!) was naming it. Many people ask us where the name came from.

We had two criteria that guided our naming process: we wanted a name that had a story and that was tied to communications history.

Elettra was the name of the steam yacht that housed inventor Guglielmo Marconi’s private floating laboratory.  Marconi, the Italian inventor known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission, did much of his research from the Elettra. It played an important part in the evolution of his work, especially in short wave wireless communication

In fact, the vessel had such a profound impact on his life that Marconi eventually named his daughter Elettra as well.

Well, when you find a good name it’s hard not to put it to good use.

A Tour Guide's Most Memorable Moments

Elettra's Leanne Kedrosky has spent the fall at YVR providing tours to grade five students from around the Lower Mainland. In the following post, Leanne relates some of her favourite things about exploring YVR with a group of ten-year-olds.Navigating the Airport with Young Eyes


If you've been to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) recently, you may have seen streams of children being led throughout the terminal. Each year, from September to December, YVR hosts 60 Grade 5 classes for the YVR School Tour program, an educational experience were children learn about the airport's operations, history, and First Nations art. This year, I had the pleasure of navigating groups around the airport and sparking their enthusiasm for aviation. Each day provided new entertainment and lessons for me, as their tour guide. The following are some of my favourite experiences from the last few months.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Did you ever watch the old TV show Kids Say the Darndest Things? These are some of my favourite questions or statements from this fall's tours:

When I asked that students what is a domestic flight? Answers included:

  • Is it one that carries animals?
  • Is it a very fancy flight?

Students also asked: Can you take a hippo on a plane? And If there were no lights on the runways, could they use fireflies to light it at night?

Favourite Moments

One of the moments that caught me most off guard involved a Grade 5 girl. All the children in this group were exceptionally engaged throughout the tour and ran to give me a hug when the tour was over. One small girl ran up last with her arms outstretched. Expecting her to behave just like the rest of the class, I continued a conversation with another student, but was shocked when I was suddenly being lifted into the air and carried off. This girl was carrying me like it was no problem, which was shocking considering her tiny size! Thankfully I was able to convince her to put me down promptly, and after the shock wore off I was very impressed with her strength.

Tour Take Aways

Leading the school tours was entertaining and enlightening in many ways. I learned more about Vancouver International Airport than I ever imagined. The Airport Authority is highly involved in the local community and I am walking away from this position with a new appreciation for everything the employees do locally. Not only is the School Tour Program fully supplied by the Airport Authority, they also donate $750,000 a year to the Greater YVR Community, making a big difference to non-profit groups across the Lower Mainland. We have a very special airport here in Vancouver, and I am thrilled to have been part of it and to spread the word.

- Leanne Kedrosky